Abraham Lincolns Assassination When Justice changed all

Abraham Lincoln was a truly great president that the country really needed when we were faced with the possibility of a dividing country. He had brought change and freedom to many people. He had ended the bloodiest war in American History, and connected two divided half's of a country into one and made peace. Change would continue after the war and people would get more rights, more opurtunities. But this did not come because he was killed by a man named John Wilkes Booth. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln changed American Culture Forever.


John Wilkes Booth was a very well known actor before he was a cold blooded murderur. He was a shouthern man by heart and believed in their lifestyle. John was a confederate who had led nine other Lincoln haters. These conspirators meet at Mary Surrat's house to start there killer plans. There first plan was to kiddnap Lincoln and take him Richmond, the capital of the confederate states. Unfortunately for them and the confederate states on the date of May 20th, 1865 Lincoln didn't show up to the spot where John and six others had expected him to be at. Two weeks later Union forces had taken over Richmond. In responce the John and his minions came with a more hectic plan to save the confedracy.


On April 14th 1865 John Wilkes Booth walked throught the front door of the Fords Theater, walked up the steps. He walked around the audience that were all about to become witnesses of his crime. He walked to the door to the presidential booth. Walked quietly to Abraham Lincolns rear side. He took out a 44. Caliber pistol. Pointed it a the temple of the President. He waited for a funny part of the play, he knew this was coming since his acting background. Booth then pulled the trigger. He was then faced by a army officer who was named Henry Rathbone. John countered Mr. Rathbone's attack and stabbed the man in the shoulder. In an attempt to get away Booth leaped on to the stage, he broke his leg on impact.


"Sic semper tyrannis!" Booth yelled to the audience with the bloody knife he used to stab Rathbone pointing straight up in the air. He then made his way out the doors and started his escape route. Lincoln was then carried out of his seat to a home across the street where he would await his death. On April 15th at 7:22am President Lincoln was announced dead. That mourning John had gotten his leg fixed thanks to Samuel Mudd, Booth and another conspirator named David Herond, then started there race to there hiding spot. His appoint would be every available man in the Army, Police department, and a couple hundred private investigators as they looked for the killer of their beloved president. While John and company made it through Maryland people in Washington were losing there minds as people were beaten and killed for looking like the assassin.


Two weeks after the murder David and John were cornered into a barn at the Garret barn. To draw out the suspects the army started to burn down the barn. John came first but he didn't make it far for he was shot in the neck. David surrendered and him and the other co-conspirators were convicted. David, George Azterodt, Lewis Powell, and Mary Surratt were all sentenced to death and were hung on July 1865. George Azterodt and Lewis Powell were charged because they would try and kill the Vice President and The Specker of House. Samuel Mudd would also be convicted, he was charged life in prison. This crime then changed the country with there progressive president dead the country would not bring more freedom to the once slaved African Americans. This also changed the presidents security to, he would have at least one guard with him at all times now.

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