Building Perspective and Empathy with 21st Century Photography LIft for Life academy - Project Sponsored by ITEF

Composition Discussion

Support from fellow teacher & photography class mentor, Zach Siebert. He shared with the students his work and the compositional techniques he employs in his photography.

After a class discussion, Mr. Siebert took the kids on an impromptu photo shoot to explore his process. They took 5 different group shots, arranged by 5 different class photographers.

Walking Field Trip to Soulard Market

Walking field trip to Soulard Farmer's Market to practice composition techniques and build our body of work!

Technology & Classroom Collaboration

Researching Historic Photographers

Using iPads to Discover Famous Photographers

Photography Field Trips

A combined visit to the Graffiti Flood Wall along the Mississippi River. High School Art 2 was documenting the characteristics of Graffiti using iPads and iPods while 21st Century Photography was practicing using the DSLR cameras.

Building the NEW Art Classroom

Learning the DSLR Camera

We spent two class periods exploring the DSLR camera and discovering what wonders and questions the students had BEFORE formally discussing photography settings like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. On the first day, students unboxed the cameras with little teacher interventions. When one student figured out how to connect the neck strap or set the time and date, that student would travel around and help their classmates. They tried out various settings, just to see what would happen. A lot of candid images were captures!

ITEF Site Visit

September 19th, 2017

On Campus Photo Shoot

We explored a few different scene modes on the DSLR camera.

Black and White Photo Challenge

(Dollar Store) Photo Prop Challenge

The Portrait & the Person - HOLFLA

Human Diversity Unit

In this unit students explored the enduring idea of Human Diversity. Students learned the concepts of portraiture, composition, and interview techniques. Students also experienced working with human subjects under the mentoring of Lindy Drew from Humans of St. Louis. After studying the impact of social media and photography projects like Humans of New York and Humans of St. Louis, our photographers planned 4 photoshoot field trips to interview and photograph the freshman class from Lift for Life.

We studied how photographers, like Martin Schoeller, solicit empathy from the viewers of their work...

Students planned the photoshoot field trips and how they wanted their work to be assessed...

They chose several locations throughout St. Louis to take their photographs...

Downtown & the Arch
The Zoo...
The Graffiti Flood Wall
The Delmar Loop
Forest Park

Lindy Drew visited the classroom twice and went on 2 of our photoshoots...

Here are more images from the photoshoots...

VR & 360° Photography

In order to get interesting photographs with our Gear 360 cameras, the students chose to go on two field trips. The first was to Art Hill at Forest Park and the second was to see the city from a downtown rooftop. The manager at the 360 Lounge at the Ballpark Hilton was very generous to let us use their space during non-business ours.

Media Production Class

The senior students in the media production class have been using the DSLR cameras to photograph people in and around LFLA to post to their social media accounts. A new project that they are working on is our school's first digital year book. They are using Instagram as the platform and have added a project specific hashtag. Check out more by searching the following hashtags: #LFLAYearbook #Humans2018LFLA

Screen Printing

Students learned about turning their photographs into screen prints using photoshop and a vinyl cutter.

Stay Tuned for New Developments

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