Diary So Wan In Ian 1D 23

7th December Sunny

Today after I went home from school, I decided to have a walk in the park. When I was walking on the path, I saw three mean boys abusing a poor little dog. One of the boys threw a stone at the poor dog. When I saw his, I felt anger coming out of my body. I held my fist tightly and shouted at the boys angrily. The boys were scared and they ran away in a rush.

Then, I went closer to the poor little dog. It stood up and shook its tail at me as if he was grateful for saving his life. The dog was very cute. I thought it was very thankful for me for saving him. I feel very pleased with myself since I saved him but I was also sad because I need to leave him alone. After that, I left the park. I walked home slowly, I did not know that the dog was following me.

Suddenly, I heard a friendly bark, I turned around and saw the dog rushing towards me. It jumped at me and licked my face. I was very happy. Then I came up with an idea what about taking him as a pet? But mom wouldn’t agree with that.

Later that night, when we were having dinner I gave mum to see the cute dog and asked if I could keep it as a pet. My mum said If I kept it I would have a lot of responsibility for taking care of it. I thought for a moment and looked at the dog then at mum before I said ‘I would take the responsibility,’ Finally, I named the dog Bobby and Bobby became a part of our family.

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