Easy 3D with Photoshop & Sketchfab Sketchfab part 2

3D has been available in Photoshop for a while. Each new iteration of Photoshop has given us more 3D tools and a better UI to navigate around our 3D content. Even without a vast knowledge of 3D, it is now easy for a designer to incorporate high-quality 3D content into a design.

Photoshop supports most of the well know 3D file types so importing 3D models from the web or from 3D software is the most frequently used method to get content into a design. However, you can create basic 3D objects and text from within Photoshop itself. In the following tutorials, we will look at creating 3D text and exporting it to Sketchfab all from within Photoshop.

We will then add some styling and effects to the 3D text inside the Sketchfab in-browser editor and finally add the 3D content to a website using our Instant Sketchfab widget for Adobe Muse.

Now that we have made our 3D text inside Photoshop, lets upload it to Sketchfab.

Once the 3D text is uploaded to Sketchfab we can start editing the look of the text right inside Sketchfabs own in-browser editor.

Just about finished, we now add some post process glow and sharpness to the text.

Using our 123Muse, Instant Sketchfab widget we will now add the 3D text to our Adobe Muse website.

3D that works on tablets and smartphones in addition to computers Adds an exciting new Medium to any designers Toolkit. Interested in some more advanced Sketchfab 3D tutorials?

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