Double Fudge judy Blume

this is peter (Close enough) he is a pre-teen boy with a huge family

This is Fudge. (Close enough) he is peter's annoying little brother.

this is Tamara (Close enough) but people call her Tootsie she is peter's little sister.

this is Turtle (Close enough) , he is peter's pet dog

this is Uncle Feather (Close enough) he is Fudge's pet bird

this is Eudora (Close enough) she is peter's dad's sister by marriage

this is Howard (Close enough) people call him Howie. he is peter's dad's brother.

this is Farley (Close enough) but people call him Mini Fudge. he is Howie's son.

These are Flora and Fauna (Close enough) they are Howie's daughters.


This is ware Peter lives (Close enough)

this is the bureau of printing and ingraving

this is the zoo that the Hatchers go to (Close enough)


Any fan of Fudge knows that he never does anything all the way. And so it should come as no surprise that when he discovers the value of money, he goes whole way, making his own "Fudge Bucks," and thumbing through catalogs to choose his birthday presents a long time in advance. His older brother Peter, who's just starting 7th grade, finds it all highly annoying embarrassing, as usual. A wild and wacky beginning to a new year of school.


picture credits are down below.

book: judy blume

presentation: woolsey

Close enough meme: Albert Ly 2017

thank you to all of my classmates for inspiring me to do this project


Created with images by Kapa65 - "boy portrait child" • Zyada - "Boy" • PublicDomainPictures - "angel baby beautiful" • karenwarfel - "puppy dog pet" • pixmart - "bird singing bird singing" • PublicDomainPictures - "brunette cute fashion" • Alberto.. - "Fat man eating dust" • digihanger - "little boy kid" • {Charlotte.Morrall} - "sisters 3" • Bluesnap - "construction metal feature" • hearingpocket - "apartment buildings 059" • mack911 - "DSC00377"

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