zackery mcmahon ANCIENT egypt

the Nile river is the name of a river that they yous to clean off body that have died so they can mummify them and they made mud with the water for there houses they drink the water from the Nile they plant there crops next to the Nile for the fertal land

king tut was the youngest phoroh who lived his mom was his sister to because the royal family did not wan to ruin the family blood king tut Chang the religion king tut had a very small tomb

the realignment that they practice leads to mummification they used spices to dry out the body but before they did that they had to take out the brains then raped in linnen


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "statue egypt fig" • Michael Gwyther-Jones - "EGYPT January 2008 River Nile" • zolakoma - "Tomb of Tut Ankh Amun"

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