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Macbeth and his fiend came from war with victory and the king, greeted them with pleasure. And macbeth invited the king the next day to his land for dinner and to stay a night for one day and macbeth always carried a dagger with him wherever he go and that night they woke up because they heard knocking on the wall and it was just a man knocking for no reason and they went to the king's room and he was dead,but who killed the king, read the book to find out who's guilty and who's not.

I give this book 5 stars because it is really intersting and you will like it. this book is or people who love graphic novels and for people who like to act but don't act it out in a theater arts.

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'This book is for all ages and especially for people who really like graphic novels and there is 2 reasons why you would want to read this book 1 it has mysteries and 2 it have clues left behind as you read the book.

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