Reflective Journal (week one) Harry slater longbone (13/03/17)


This first week has been quite stressful. This is because we started off struggling for ideas. We couldn't think of a simple story line to stick to. On Thursday we had got our idea developed and advanced knowing what the game is going to be about. We then started on the proposal and finished it on the Thursday. We then have to do the market research and continue this. This research should help us to continue to develop our ideas on our game and help us form it. To do this we will research and talk about some games we like. We may also do mood boards to help with the art later on and give idea's on what our character will look like, levels will look like, etc.

I chose Dziliana as my partner as I saw she needed help with programming and I needed help with the art. So we decided to work together on the FMP so we could try to make a good game that we believe people will like. By working together I am sure our skills put together will be enough to make the game within the given time. I am confident that we can achieve this.

This is the evidence below that we had done the idea development. This took time to get it going but once we had got going we were easily going through it. To get this we both were talking about what we like and have interests in. This helped us get the art style and a couple of the foundation ideas. We then started to look online on Steam to see what is popular/ trending right now and what is the most popular games ever made. This is so we could pull more ideas into this to speed up and help with the idea development stage.

Starting to gather some basic ideas for the game. We were thinking of different games that were popular at the minute on steam and what genre they are under so we could see what popular genres there are trending at this time.
Going into a little bit more detail and depth on ideas and advancing them to help us come up with a better idea.
This is the proposal of out game. This has the basic game idea and the planning of what i will be doing and what my role is.
This is feedback we got back from out tutor. We talked about what we need to improve and how we need to do it.
This is us looking at movies with the tag Yakuza. This would be to help us possibly develop ideas for characters.

David gave us the idea to look at movies with the tag to see if they can help with character and scene development. We could have looked at scenes or pictures from the movies to see what it was like. We can add this to our game by using the characters behaviors from this and there looks. We could also use the scenes from these to help us develop our ideas for the levels.


Today we finished off our game idea. This was the idea that there would be two endings, they could be taken as bad or good depending on your view for the game. The would also be very story driven so you may or may not get attached to characters, this will decide the ending.

This is the stroyline put really short. This mainly talks about the endings but there is more to it than that. There is the other cut scenes between levels that we have not thought of this yet early in but we are going to add them.

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