Unc' Billy Possum and Jimmy Skunk, facing each other among the Black Shadows close by a hole that led under Farmer Brown's henhouse, chuckled as each thought of what had brought the other there. It is queer how a like thought often brings people together. Unc' Billy had the same longing in his stomach that Jimmy Skunk had, and Jimmy Skunk had the same thing on his mind that Unc' Billy had. More than this, it was the second time that day that they had met. They had met in the81 morning in the Green Forest and now they had met again among the Black Shadows of the evening at Farmer Brown's henhouse. And it was all on account of eggs. Yes, Sir, it was all on account of eggs.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

Paper bead making is a craft that dates back to England as far as the Victorian age when women would use scraps of wallpaper to make beautiful jewelry. This is an easy craft with great looking results. Here’s a few tips to make sure you have a good experience.

  1. Don’t make the beads to tight on the stick or they wont come off.
  2. Try not to get glue on the stick, this will also make it hard to remove the finished bead.

This can get messy so protect your working surface with a piece of paper or anything else you don't mind getting glue on.

  1. Glue the back side of the fat end of one strip of paper. You’ll only need to glue a tiny bit enough to fold over a stick and secure it.
  1. Still on the wrong side, glue down the strip of paper.
  2. Next, start rolling the stick and wrapping the paper around on itself pressing firmly as you go.
  3. Make sure that you keep the paper strait and tight.
  4. When complete slide the bead onto an extra stick and wait for it to dry.
  1. Once your beads are dry, paint them with the clear nail polish. This will give it a water tight seal and protect the paper from fading.
  2. Allow the nail polish to dry, then string onto ribbon and secure with a bow.

YOU did IT!

What other shapes of beads could you make? What would happen if the paper was a rectangle instead of a triangle? What about paper in the shape of mountain peaks?

Share pictures of your creations - finishedcrafts@handmeacraft.com

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