Florida By Ava

A thunderstorm is scary

Thunderstorms impact Florida because summer is a rainy season

A drought can ruin crops

A drought can ruin crops by drying up

A hurricane can cause serious damage

Hurricanes impact Florida because hurricane season

Florida is a peninsula

A peninsula is a strip of land on water or a flower

Wetlands are a home to animals

Wetlands is important to Florida because it's a habitat

this is the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean are important resources because it provides food and work for fishermen

Lumber is used for homes

Lumber is a important resource because it can be used for homes

Phosphate is pretty

Phosphate is a important because it helps crops grow

This is where a. limestone is found

Limestone is a important because it's used for roads

oil is important

Oil is important because it creates jobs and needed in daily lives


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