PHONY By: Anthony Brannan

"THIEF" -Imagine Dragons

In chapter 8, Holden is talking to Mrs. Morrow. They talk about her son, but she calls him "a sensitive boy" and that gets Holden going on in his head about how "she looked like she had a pretty d*** good idea of what a b****** she was the mother of," because earlier, he mentions that her son was the kind of guy who would snap towels at you (not sensitive). This brings up the line from "Thief", "The more I see, the more I know, that everyone just wants a show, no we don't want to see the truth," because this relates to Holden's observation about Mrs. Morrow. He sees her as smart enough to know what a bad kid her son is, but lies about him to others. This also applies to Holden himself when Phoebe finds out that he got kicked out of school. She tells him that their dad is going to kill him (obviously a hyperbole), but he replies with, "Nobody's gonna kill me. Nobody's gonna even-." He cuts off because he can't think of anything else. Later he then changes the subject to talk about other things. He never made it clear to the reader as to his thoughts on Phoebe saying "Daddy's going to kill you," suggesting that he doesn't want to know the true about what his parents would think about him if they found out about any of his actions after dropping out of school.

"Come With me NOW" -Kongos

This song represents Holden's struggle between good and evil as he is in the midst of, in his eyes, a phony world. Holden's fear of adulthood is stated with, "Afraid to lose control, and caught up in this world" saying that Holden is always found in some sinful situation, but in the end resists or pulls away. This is shown when Holden tells the reader, "I don't know. They tell me to stop, so I stop. I always wish I hadn't, after I take them home, but I keep doing it anyway." (referring to times when he almost had sex) This brings up the lyric, "I tried to sell my soul last night, funny he wouldn't even take a bite." This is Holden trying to lose himself and become what he has hated so much, but then nothing happens hence "funny, he wouldn't even take a bite" representing an attempt to sell his soul to sin, as shown when he agrees to have the elevator man send a prostitute to his room. In the end, he "felt more depressed than sexy" and looking back on the previous lines, he is pulling away yet again, to avoid losing himself. (luckily!)

"Monster" -Imagine Dragons

The lyrics in this song represent Holden's attempts to make up for his mistakes and perversion. The lyric, "I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me," connects with the scene where Holden, after having made his sister cry, tries to make up for it by offering to take her to the zoo instead of back to school. He asks Phoebe, "If I let you not go back to school this afternoon and go for a walk, will you cut out this crazy stuff?" For Holden, this is something new because throughout the book, Holden has never made up for his insults, actions, and mistakes made. Another line, "I'm only a man with a candle to guide me," represents Holden's lack of guidance through life hence only having a candle, a small source of wisdom. Throughout the book, Holden is constantly reminding the reader how just about everyone is a phony causing him to trust only his own judgment giving him a narrow-minded perspective of reality.

"Immortals" -Fall out Boy

This song is a good representation of Holden wanting to protect children from the perversions that seem to come with growing up. This is made apparent with the lyrics, "I'll be the watcher of the eternal flame, I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams," meaning I'll guard what is good and guard you from all things bad (fever dreams). Holden would like to do this as he explains to Phoebe, "I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff ... I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all." These thoughts are metaphors alluding to Holden protecting children from falling into adulthood's many evils and perversions. Ironically Holden wishes he could protect all children and yet doesn't bother to fix himself.

"fix You" -Coldplay

Holden Caulfield is shown to have a hard time being happy throughout his life. This song shows how no matter how he tries, he never seems to be satisfied or happy with what he gets and ends up becoming depressed. The scene where Holden goes out with Sally shows how he was so close to being happy when he starts getting excited and coming up with crazy ideas to run away with her, but then ruins his chance. "Fix You" a song that is constantly reminding of Holden's mistakes and misfortunes. The line "when you love someone, but it goes to waste" fits with Holden's relationship with Sally after the date. Holden explains, "I tried to get her to excuse me, but she wouldn't. She kept telling me to go away and leave her alone." This is the failure that causes Holden's depression. The line "lights will guide you home" represent the good things in his life such as his sister. In other words, she is the light of Holden's sad life. The only reason he went home was because he "started thinking how old Phoebe would feel" if he got pneumonia and died. In the end, he went to go talk with her for a while before he ran away completely. She was the light that guided him back home, literally!

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