Saints By carter Joggerst

Leo IX was the catholic churches 151st pope. He served from february 12, 1049. He was declared a saint by the church and his feast day is april 19

Leo IX was born Bruno, Graf von Egisheim und Dagsburg, on April 19, 1002, in Eguisheim, Alsace

Leo IX at the age of 5, his family sent their only son to toul to be educated

St Dominic was born in an old castle in spain. He was trained for the priesthood by a priest uncle

St Dominic also studied the arts and theology. Also he became a cannon at the cathedral of osma

St Dominic on a journey through france, he came face to face with the then virulent Albigensian heresy at Languedoc.

St Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals and the environment around the world

St Francis of Assisi was abandoned a life of luxury to a life devoted to christianity

St Francis of Assisi was born in italy irca, he was renowned for drinking with his friends and partying


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