immigration by zachary escobar

The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.when people deported people and their kids being left with no family might go to mexico and we don’t have houses there so we can’t stay.they might not see other people that they like or know as friends.Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign.

50 years ago it was worse because they didn’t care what they did to people and the slaves were beaten and not paid wright even if they did most of the work and they were killed if they didn’t do what their masters had wanted.

50 years from now there would be no slaves because they with make robots to the work and all people have to do is pay bills and people would be treated fairly no matter what race there were and it was peaceful and there would be a lot of building

a lot of people who help to stop and protest and help to fight for what is right and bring family together so people and people can stay in the u.s.and not to go to their home town and be separated from their family.

i can bring people together and protest and they can give people their rights and be free to go wherever they want and come back to the u.s without any problems.


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