Los Angeles By nico thommy and ambra

Los Angeles or L.A., was originally "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles del Rio de la Porciúncula".

Situated in California, this city is the largest city in the state, the second most populated one in the USA, the first one by extension


Is an economic , "film" and scientific center

Many famous people live there, most in Beverly Hills or Hollywood

The most famous attractions are the long beaches of the Pacific and the Hollywood district, but also the theme parks such as Disneyland, universal studios, paramount.

Us Bank Tower is about 310 m high. It was built in 1978 it has as many as 24 lifts 74 floors

It is the largest bank of california


The desert region of California that today corresponds roughly to Los Angeles was already inhabited between 5,000 and 6,000 years BC by the Indian populations of Tongva (also called Gabrieleños) and Chumash. It should be remembered that in California were found the oldest human remains in the Americas (dated between 10,000 and 13,000 BC) and is therefore verosibile assume that man has set foot in these areas well before the Tongva.

Given its geographical position, in the extreme west of the American continent, the Europeans set foot in these areas only in 1542, by the Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo diello who explored the area almost entirely. In about two centuries the entire California fell under Spanish dominance but only in 1769 the then Governor Gaspar de Portola organized an expedition, together with the Franciscan Junipero Serra and Juan Crespi, with the aim of colonizing the current Los Angeles area. The first buildings were then built by the Franciscan missions. In 1771 Brother Crespi noticed an area particularly suited to the creation of a new mission but Brother Serra was faster and he founded a near Whittier Narrows.

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