The Milton Buzz Milton Elementary School Newspaper: February/March Edition

Submit your writing or artwork to miltonbuzz@mymtsd-vt.org or in the Cultures Corner of the Library!

The MES Buzz is a online newspaper. In The Buzz we put students’ artwork and stories they write. The fifth grade crew will be helping Mrs. Teleen and Mrs. Lynch with putting the newspaper together and answering advice questions for a fifth grader. Make sure you submit pictures and writing that is school appropriate.

Computer Helpers

Sydney, Elliana, Lauren and Peyton assist the IT department with stripping parts from old computers which they will use to reassemble other computers for use in classrooms.

Crime Stoppers

A Story By: Lily Provost and Emma Timmerman


September 5,2018


Hi my name is Mae. Investigator Mae and my name is Liz zy. Investigator Lizzy. We have to go on a mission to find clues to the crime of a 10 year old missing girl. Her name is Emma Provost. She has been missing for over 24 hours. We have one clue that just came in. she was last seen wearing a blue shirt that says being nice is cool. If you have any info contact me at (802)-555-6789.

September 7, 2018


We just found another clue. She was missing for over 2 days since she went missing. She was last seen at the clock tower with a guy hanging her over the edge with duct tape over her mouth. If you know any info about the mysterious man please contact us at (802)-555-6789. She was last seen with this.

September 9, 2018


We just found out that her 3 sisters were last seen with her and now there missing. There names are Molly, Ella, and Mya. We are getting word that they all have pics of them being hanged by the same man. In the same place. I think we have our first clue.

September 26, 2018


We just found something super scary. The boy was at the office door and scared our co-workers to death. We need to get help quick. It is so important that we get help to find the missing children and defeat the boy who captured the sisters. Please send some help.

September 27, 2018



September 30, 2018


We found where the missing girls are. They are hiding in a cave. But there is another person with them. It was the girl who has been missing for 25 years. Her name is Emily.


A Video by Eric & Hana

Artwork by Lily Matea
Artwork by Brooke
by Lizzie
Artwork by Jaxon

International experience

Ziad teaching Arabic writing to Miss Cope's Class During World Languages

Artwork by Karmen

Hard at Work

Students in Mrs. Quinn's Class Working Hard to Find Facts While Reading

Artwork by Jonathan
Artwork by Braydon A,

We are super readers!

Students in Miss Reyell's and Miss Ricard's Classes love to read!
Artwork by Alanna
Artwork by Jax
Artwork by Mason
Artwork by Caleb
Artwork by Ellie & Channing
Artwork by Morgan & Brandon
Artwork by Hailey

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