Object: Bottle
Colour: Blue
Location: Dining room
"Now you must become one with the elements."

Group Members

Tristan, Laleh, Sophia, & Andrew


A young man fails to arrive for a prestigious event his father had arranged for him to attend. When his wealthy father learns that he was absent he comes to the conclusion that he has spoiled his son. As an attempt to test his son's abilities, he plans to abandon him in the forest with no way home but his own instincts. If he succeeds his father will pass everything on to his son, including the multi-million dollar company he created. Can his son learn to fend for himself or will he be taken victim by the great outdoors.

The son begins to question his sanity as he tumbles into isolation. He becomes paranoid and begins to feel as though a beast is hunting him.


The father

The father is a successful businessman who built his company from the ground up. His wife died during the birth of his son and he has spent the past eighteen years raising him on his own. He is a kind but absent father who only wants the best for his son.

The Son

Spoiled as a child, he lacks any sense of value. He has grown up knowing that he can do whatever he wants and never accept the consequences. After spending some time in the wild he learns to appreciate what he has taken for granted.

His mother appears in a white dress, comforting him.
His Father hands him a wine bottle before sending him out in to the wild. It is a reminder of the luxuries he no longer has.

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