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Working in collaboration with Learning Stewards, Story Preservation is thrilled to announce that our Learning Lab project now features a unique and effective literacy tool called the Magic Ladder, which provides support for struggling readers and English Language Learners.

New to the SPI Learning Lab? Here's some background:
  • (Pictured throughout: pages from the SPI Learning Lab). Story Preservation audio records the personal narratives of those of high achievement in the arts, sciences, and humanities. (Think artists, astronauts, scientists, engineers, environmentalists ... and more). We couple our recordings with related project-based lesson plans for use in 4-12 classrooms. Teachers use the recordings to bring students into personal contact with the first-person stories of extraordinary people who talk about not only what they have accomplished but also how and why. This direct contact seizes students’ imaginations and propels them into areas of substantive content.
  • We supplement the recordings with audiovisual materials, photos and graphics, original documents, hyperlinks to related sites, and other resources that lead students deeper into subject areas. We guide teachers in structuring these explorations by supplying open-ended prompts, helping teachers develop their own projects, as well as by making available detailed project-based lesson plans created by experienced educators.
  • Literacy is at the core of everything we do.
  • Story engages the students; project-based experiences deepen the learning.

But wait, there's more!

The Magic Ladder, How It Works:
  • See the bubble? That's the Magic Ladder at work. It's embedded into every SPI audio transcription. We're all about supporting the needs of students through DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION. The SPI Learning Lab offers audio cues for context, full transcriptions of the recordings, and now, through the Magic Ladder, an innovative tool for broad reading support. With one click, struggling readers immediately receive decoding, pronunciation, and recognition support.
  • For words they recognize, but don’t understand, a second touch provides instant access to the word’s definitions, synonyms, roots, and translations.
  • Welcome to a new era of reading instruction; a more neurologically efficient way to learn to read and improve reading that compensates for variations in decoding, vocabulary, and native language, as it differentially scaffolds learning.

To find out more about the Magic Ladder, click HERE.

Click HERE to read what the Hechinger Report, a national publication reporting on education and ed-tech, has to say about the Magic Ladder and "The Future of Learning.

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