Northern Renaissance Livy Antaya

The Northern Renaissance

  • There were very few people in the 1400s, Northern Italy due to the devistating black death. But as time went on more people were coming and their became city states.
  • After the Hundred Years' War ended citys grew very quickly. There became more artists because merchants had enough money to sponsor artists.
  • As this went on people and artistis started creating work that was more humanisim. They studied anatomy and created amazing work.

German Painter:Durer

  • Albrecht Durer focused his worked on religious subjects.
  • Durer prodused artwork such as woodcuts and engravings.

German painter: Holbein

  • Hans Holbein specialized in painting portraits, he made it so that there was much detail in his artwork.
  • He later moved to England whrere he painted portraits of King Henry VIII.

Flemish Painter: Van Eyck

  • Van Eyck was the first great Flemish Reniassance painter.
  • He made is artwork with oil-based paints to make techniques that painters will still use today.

Flemish Painter: Bruegel

  • Bruegel was very interested in the relism of his individual portraits.
  • He used bright rich colors and lots of detail this really made people love his work.

Christian Humanist: Erasmus

  • Desiderius Erasmus was know for his most famous book, "The Praise Of Folly".
  • He was a big believer of Christanity and he thought that everyone would succeed from studing the bible.
  • "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes"

Christian Humanist: More

  • Thomas More was famous for his work "Utopia". This is about "This book is about an imaginary land where trees, corruption, and war have been weeded out".
  • He is best known for working together with Desiderius Erasmus, together they were known as the Christain Humanists.
  • "If honor were profitable, everybody would be honorable."

Christine de Pizan

  • Christine de Pizan was one of the first women to make a living as a French writer.
  • She wrote many books, such as novels, short stories, bibliographies and many more.
  • She wrote about "The objections men had to educating women" And one one her famous works was "The book of the City Of Ladies.

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