A Story of Possibility What's possible for you?

From the Mood Lady Storybook: Stories Of An Artful Journey.

She had owned a home in Europe, had her MA from a prestigious university, had made some excellent investments that afforded her a comfortable lifestyle, had a romantic partnership with an amazing, inspirational man – a partnership that was fulfilling, fun and allowed her opportunities to continuously learn; she had taught at a university, had reinvented herself and her life at least 4 different times in 3 different countries; she had made her way up from a freelance position to a manager, leading a group of people and serving on the management team; she ran her own business and had a number of successful creative projects. Now she lived her life creatively and experienced joy, contentment and peace on a daily basis.

She thought back to when she was a child. Had someone told her that she would do all those things and be all she was today, she probably would’ve thought they had mixed her up with someone else. She didn’t think that way back then and didn’t have a lot of exposure to what might be possible. She doesn’t remember ever knowing what she wanted to be. She remembers her cousin who at age 10 or so had announced that she wanted to be a psychologist. Even at the young age, she envied her cousin. How could her cousin know so early when she had NO idea? She always thought that not knowing was negative – that somehow it limited her. But now, she sees that in a way it left space for the beautiful energy of Possibility – even though she didn’t recognize this as such. She sees now that since she knew that she didn’t know, there was an openness and that meant that really, anything was possible.

She remembers being frustrated at times because she wasn’t fulfilled – because she hadn’t found ‘the’ thing to fill her up. However, she always knew that it was POSSIBLE that there was something. So she kept searching. In the process, her searches shifted a bit. In the beginning, she was searching to find ‘it’ so that she would finally know what she was meant to be doing. In these searches, she focused on what she DIDN’T have and this drove her to keep searching until she found it. But as she became more aware of herself and what was most important to her, her focused changed. She started to see what she DID have and what she WAS doing. And she understood that WHAT she was doing was much less important than HOW she was doing it – and how she was living.

She looks at the list of things she has done and been in her life. This is only a partial list, but these are the things that she would never have dreamed were possible for her. Not because she thought she wasn’t capable, but mostly because she just didn’t see them as possibilities for HER (maybe someone else) and she wasn’t aware of the energy of possibility. Now this had changed. And as she continues her journey, she thinks about what else she believes might be someone else’s journey and not her own. She knows now that it’s ALL possible for her as well. And she knows now that simply tuning into the Impossible Possibilities is an excellent gift and tool. She uses her own list and anything she hears – any story of something that we would think is impossible and we now see IS possible. This inspires her and brings her hope and excitement and as she lets these feelings seep in, she feels the expansive energy of Possibility

What is Your Story of Possibility?

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