Costa Coffee The Nation's favorite coffee shop

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Costa Coffee is a British multinational chain located through Europe. It is the second largest coffee house within the United Kingdom, right behind Starbucks. There are nearly 5,000 shop across a span of 29 different countries.

Social Responsibility

Unlike other coffee corporations, Costa focuses only on two types of coffee varieties: Coffea Arabica (Acidity) and Coffea Robusta (Crema). All beans grown are 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. Costa is heavily involved with community building aspects through the Costa Foundation, which provides excess to educational programs in subject like health, literacy and income management. Also, environmental protection programs are a drive to this great example of a social responsibility business.


Costa Coffee drives for a minimal impact on the environment and promoting sustainable business techniques. With the roast factories being carbon neutral and incorporating recycling programs through out all stores in the varying countries, the coffee shops lead in helping protect our planet.

Sustainability Correspondent Intern

After graduating from the University of Florida this upcoming fall semester, I will be applying for an internship to work alongside Costa Coffee's community and environmental programs. With a major in Business Administration with a concentration on Sustainability Studies, I would be a perfect candidate. I have experience not only working for an sustainable business organization, but also have worked with British individuals and their work environment. I was a project volunteer for London Sustainability Exchange while living in London for four months. With the excited and determination to learn all about sustainable business practices, I am ready to jump in and get involved with the nation's favorite coffee shop.


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