Reflective Journal W/C 13th March


After a discussion with both Tim and Ryan we have decided to join as a group of three. Dan, who was in the group previously, didn't have any enthusiasm for the work that the whole group was doing. I have joined the group and we are going to scrap the original idea and work with Ryan's vision rather than Dans. My main role will be Audio, while Tim does Coding and Ryan does the Art and the Graphics.


As a group we are making our presentations. Tim and Ryan have had to start again due to me joining the team. Our idea is coming along a lot quicker and better than expected. We have nearly finished the presentation already. The presentation is almost done minus a couple of slides. They will be done by tomorrow.


We have done our presentations. It went better than expected but it wasn't perfect due to us not having a clear idea yet since the idea is only a couple of days old. Today, someone also came in from Codemasters to give us a talk about the industry.

I learnt alot about audio, such as how they gather it all together. I had no idea about how much work is put in to mix all the car noises together. having to get individual noises and mix them all together so it sounds like an actual car. Having to make the sounds for every car seems very difficult and time consuming to do.


I am starting to gather up research about how the audio is gathered, how the professionals mix their audio etc. I plan to do this for another week or so, just to build a foundation. Then I can carry on adding to it as the weeks go by.

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