Should we send humans to Mars? By James Roberts

We should send people to Mars, because we will be able to make amazing discoveries and achievements.

Sending humans to Mars will help us learn more about the universe and its origins. Exploration to unknown places always results in new and novel information about space and our universe. Mankind can greatly advance its knowledge about the cosmos by traveling to Mars. Going to Mars will be a fantastic journey of discovery not only for the astronauts but for all of humanity. The voyage to Mars will unite and captivate the world.

We may find life on Mars. It is not proven that there are living organisms on Mars, but if we do find life, it would be an amazing discovery. Due to the existence of water on Mars, there could be life. We may not find living organisms, but we might be able to find evidence of prior life and learn more.

Establishing a colony on Mars will help humans survive if something were to happen to Earth. The dinosaurs died out, and even though we are more advanced, mankind could still go extinct. If our planet was somehow destroyed or all the humans on Earth died from famine, disease, or a catastrophe, then we would still have a colony on Mars to preserve the human race.

Space travel entails great danger to the astronauts, but as shown above, the rewards outweigh the risks. We have the advanced technology today to get to Mars safely. Since John Glen and Yuri Gagrin orbited the Earth in the early 1960s, we have learned a tremendous amount about safe space travel. In addition, there are several astronauts who understand the risks and still want to make the journey.

The cost to send a crew to Mars seems excessive. It is estimated that the mission could cost up to $160 billion. That being said, the information gathered and experience gained would make the journey well worth it. The new technology developed for the trip would also be useful here on earth and would more than pay back the high costs.

You should support astronauts going to Mars. The opportunity is too valuable to miss. Call or email your national space agency and government representatives to let them know about your strong support for a journey to Mars. We will be able to achieve accomplishments that will help you and the world.


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