How do animals produce sound? Nuz sanidad

Why do animals produce sound?

Animals produce sounds for different reasons, humans produce sound to communicate, create music and even may produce sound because of reflexes. All animals communicate whether it be from producing sound or body language, almost every organism has a way to communicate, animals make up almost all the organisms that produce sound. Air will push between the animals cords, they vibrate and produce sound.

How humans and other mammals produce sound


One example of animals producing sound because of reflexes are when California sea lions bark when defending their territory just like how dogs do. There are also times when an animal is hurt they will make noise

Domestic animals

Domestic animals aren't the only animals that will make sound for attention but they are the majority. Dogs for example will bark and whine for their owner to pet them or if they need something. Cats purring is also sound, cats will purr because they may be comfortable or happy.

What animals don't produce sound

Goldfish, sharks, hermit crabs and worms do not vocalize noise

rabbits, snakes, turtles, lizards rarely use sound but they are capable of doing so

Voice box

Mammals have a larynx voice box with an acception of some fish, amphibians and reptiles while birds have a syrinx. Only mammals and a few lizards have vocal folds.

Speaking all depends on where your tongue, lips, pharynx and etc. are in your mouth . For example without a toungue you can speak very well.same with your lips.


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