Jesalynn Prom Digital photography 1

It rained briefly the morning of. This photo was for a Rule of Thirds assignment for photography.
I took this photo for a framing photo challenge. I went out to the back of the highschool and took this.
The lengths you go through to take a decent photo...going on your tip toes are GREAT. I took this photo for an elements of composition.
This photo was taken for framing. Took a classmate out to help me with this photo!
This photo was take just for fun.

Artist Statement: I make my art because it inspires me to go outside the box. People inspire me to make art and take photos. My photos all represent me. I don't enjoy loud colorful photos. More of peaceful photos. I always try to get a perspective of my photos to be calming. There isn't much I do to take my photos then just inspiration I find in simple things like a quote or person. The photos that take more than 10 tries are the ones that mean a lot to me because it took a lot of effort. Photography means creativity. It means art and inspiration.

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