Cooking Club By: Austin Conrad

There will be three teachers that will monitor the students. We will also have two student leaders who will prepare the recipes and will purchase the food needed. We will have up to 30 members because our space is limited.
82.6% of surveyed people say they want to have this club after school.
We will be communicating events and reminders through Instagram because 43.5% of the students that surveyed said they like Instagram the best.
To become a member visit the Cooking Club Twitter for details on signing up. If you would like to be a member of cooking club then you must attend all of the meetings. If there are conflicts then you must let the student leaders or teachers know. If you attend the first two meeting and get plugged in then we will provide a membership card with your photo and some information about you. The members and teachers of the club will vote for who they think should be the leaders and recipe makers should be.
We will meet in the Global Gourmet classroom that is equipped with the necessary cooking tools. We will use Instagram to post what day of the week that we will be having Cooking Club. It will most likely be on Wednesday since 34.8% of students say they are free on Wednesday after school.
We will be using pots, pans, whisks, mixing bowls, spoons, spatulas, Tongs, knives, peelers, oven mitts and grills. Each member should be knowledgeable about how each tool is use and how to use it efficiently.
The only requirements are that you love to cook and you have a cell phone so you will be able to receive updates and reminders. A 3.0 GPA is also required in order to be able to be apart of the club.
There will be a one time charge of fifteen dollars at the beginning of the club and that will be the only payment required. Also if you would like to purchase your own spices and extras that you would like to add to the food we make then that will also be a cost.
This adds value to Hilliard Davidson because it allows students to join a club that they have a passion for. This is also another opportunity for students who aren't in any other clubs that want to be in one. This also allows for students to create new friendships and relationships.
We need this club because this can keep students from trouble and can create lifetime relationships. Also this adds opportunities for new students to meet and learn where things are in the school.

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