Convicts ( treatments, conditions) By: karissa garay


coldness- killed many

Many prisoners made inventions and ways of talking to communicate with others

Sickness was not cured for

Actions Taken

Force was taken to ensure the solitary of prisoners

Pillory punishment was taken into action (public humiliation)

Laws were made to prevent relationships within the prison (man and man)

The Convicts and Treatments:

Children were the most criminals and most of the population put into prison

Criminal acts such as robbery or theft within a store could be a life sentence.

Death Sentence was most offend used to scare or even taunt those who did not listen.


Created with images by simpleinsomnia - "Two Victorian-era women stand along the shore" • 226926 - "prison former old" • akasped - "Typical cell in Squirrel Cage Jail" • Devanath - "family anno anno family"

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