Charles Moore His accomplishments and effects on society

Where was the artist from and where did they grow up? What was the time period that they lived in?

Charles Moore was born on March 9, 1931 in Hackleburg, AL He went to school at Brooks Institute which is an arts college that is based on visual and media arts. However, on March 11, 2010, Charles Moore sadly died in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at the age of 79.

What was the most significant event that happened in their life?

Charles Moore had done many things in his lifetime. He was in the military, a boxer and after all of those career choices, he decided to be a photographer. Since Moore grew up in Alabama, he had to deal with discrimination and seeing those around him being abused, arrested and more. He decided that he wanted to capture those moments in history. He would call his camera, his weapon of choice. "I don't wanna fight with my fists. I wanna fight with my camera." He was everywhere so that he could document the Civil Rights Movement. In 1958 when Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested, Moore was there. In 1963 when police dogs attacked anti-segregation supports, he was there. In 1965 when a march for voting rights turned into them getting tear gassed, he was there.

What was the overall meaning of their artwork?

The overall meaning in Charles Moore's photography was showing others what took place during the Civil Rights Movement. He wanted to take a stand and show others that everyone should be treated the same. No one should be less than someone else. It is inhuman.

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