The Warden's Daughter Jerry Spinelli

This book takes place in Hancock County. This book also takes place in a older time period 1900, because they have radios and transistors.

This book takes place in Cammie's house, and neighborhood. This also takes place in the prison yard which Cammie usually visits. Cammie describes the prison yard to have a lot of Cigarette buds that litter the ground, but there is also the quiet room that she likes to visit in the prison yard because it is quiet and peaceful with a lot of plants and a miniature waterfall. Her neighborhood seems to be new not to many houses, more nature. Cammie's house seems pretty big with a lot of windows because she is always looking outside, Cammie also has a attic where she goes when she is feeling sad.

This book takes place in a older time period so I imagine it to not a have to much buildings and be more country like with a few houses and places to go, but more plants and nature. The author describes this in the book when Cammie is riding her bike.

This place seems to be very sunny and warm because Cammie is always outside. This place also seems to be very split up. One side of town has the rich people, and the other the poor people. One side of town is the city side, while the other is very country.

Since Cammie is the Warden's Daughter, the author talks about people on the prison, which makes it seem that there is a lot of bad people in her neighborhood. For example Cammie hangs around a shoplifter, firebug, and a murder. Cammie also seems to not have many friends.

There is a Warden, radios, and transistors. The characters don't seem to have phones, and there are also milk trucks that drive around, which was what killed Cammie's mom.

Sad and sympathetic. This book is sad and sympathetic because it makes you feel bad for Cammie because all she really wants is a mom, and she is very determined to find one. This book also makes you feel a little bit dangerous because Cammie is always hanging around bad people.

The setting of the book effects the story. Cammie is usually in the prison yard, which effects the book because she is trying to find a Mom within someone around her. This makes the reader feel strange because you don't want to have your potential Mom be a criminal.


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