20% Project Learning to skate

Today Richard and I took his long board out to start learning how to just ride and balance on a board. I went down hill by where he lives and learned how to go down his driveway which I could not do in the beginning.

Today I went to the skate park with Rafael and Richie. I just cruised around and went down one of the ramps a couple of times. I also fell once but continued and go it the second time.

I went to go buy my board this week! it was about $138 in total. I went to zumiez and bought a primitive board complete set.

Richie and I both took our new boards to the skate park and skated around to get familiar with our boards. We went down a new little ramps and I hope to advance to the bigger ones later.

I went to the skate park today and went down the bigger ramp this week. It was a little tough and I did fall the first time trying but that just encouraged me to try and do it again. After trying the second time I did it every time after that.

I have realized I prefer street skating, so skating around the neighborhood rather than going off to the skate parks. We are now skating around a little park by Richard's house.

I have now gotten down pushing off on my skateboard as well as turning it. I want to start doing more tricks, such as the ollie and shove it. Those are the two I am determined on learning hopefully by the end of spring break I could do both easily.

I worked a lot over spring break and because of this I was not motivated to go out skating. It also has gotten very hot over the past couple of days and I get very tired after just skating the first hour. I hope I can get back into the routine and start skating multiple times this week.

I have not done much I did go out and skate a little bit. I practiced my ollies more and got them down and advanced than when I first started. I did hurt my ankle pretty hard because I landed on it twice wrong and it did mess it up a bit. I did get a little discouraged to move forward because I did not want to hurt myself more. I plan to bring my skateboard and print out pictures of me skating to show my audience. I was thinking of a board to show what I done and put my pictures on there.

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