The HAT Run a 50Km Trail Run in Susquehanna State Park, Maryland

The 29th Annual 50K HAT Run was held 9 AM March 25, 2017 in Susquehanna State Park, Maryland. We had 431 starters and 334 finishers. The snow and ice that was present just a week earlier was gone and replaced with a sunny day with temperatures in the mid 70's.


Overall: Stefano Ruzza 4:01:53.5


Justyna Wilson 4:51:39.0

<20 Tenney Shaughnessy 7:00:39.6

20-29 Stephanie Geers 5:30:47.9

30-39 Julie Lambi 5:36:58.3

40-49 Laura Mooney 5:17:19.3

50-59 Joan Midthun 6:11:30.5

60-69 Maureen Rohrs 6:35:03.0


Stefano Ruzza 4:01:53.5

20-29 Benjamin Scheper 4:48:59.0

30-39 Adam Watkins 4:23:19.7

40-49 Tim Odonnell 4:27:42.2

50-59 Barry Lewis 4:27:06.6

60-69 Henry Peck 5:20:49.1 Age group record

70+ Gary Knipling 7:08:13.8

Overall results | Full results with Age Groups

The Course: The course is mostly single track trail with a mix of open fields, dirt road and some paved road. The course features nearly 7,200 feet of climbing. There is a starting loop of 4 miles followed by two identical loops of 13.5 miles. There are 4 stream crossings that can be challenging depending on the water level - there is alway the chance of getting wet feet. Here is a video of the race produced by Geoff Baker, it is a great way to experience the event. We also have a theme song performed by local artist and HAT runner Danny McDonnell.

So a bit of history. The first HAT Run was in 1988 and it was between 28-30 miles long, 4 loops of a 7-7.5 mile loop I liked to run in the park. After the event I was asked why we didn't extend the course another mile and make it a 50K. So in 1989 the first HAT 50K was ran. The 20th Annual HAT Run was featured in TrailRunner Magazine. The article was written by runner Barry Lewis and photos by runner Geoff Baker. The article has been provided courtesy of TrailRunner Magazine.

Entry and Refund Policy: The starting field is limited to 500 runners. The Waitlist, A waiting list will be maintained for entrants 501-750. Entrants will be added on a first come first served basis as the original entrant pool is reduced by withdrawals.

Deferrals: We do not defer entries.

Refunds: Entry refund until 2 JAN 2017 is $50. Entry refund until 1 MAR 2017 is $40 unless the waitlist is cleared, then no refunds at that point.


1. Absolutely NO Transferring of bib numbers. Registered runners only! This is critical to the safe tracking of all participants and the future of this event. If you are caught transferring or selling your bib, using a pacer or running as a bandit, you will be barred from future events.

2. Time Constraints will be STRICTLY enforced. These are not suggestions and are no longer up to the discretion of event staff or participants. A runner MUST LEAVE an aid station ahead of cut off times. If you do not make a cut off time, please hand bib number to course marshall. The aid station captain will see that you have a ride back to race HQ. Anyone who finishes the race after 8:30 will be listed on the official finish with No Time.

3. Race number must remain visible on the front torso at all times.

4. You must stay on established trail. You are not allowed to leave the trail or make a new trail to shorten the course.

5. Listen and comply with all marshals, event staff and park officials.

6. If dropping from the race you must turn in your number the Aid Station captain, course marshal or Race Directors.

7. No littering. This should go without saying, but this is not a road marathon, do not throw your trash on the ground. The Maryland State Parks is kind enough to give us a permit to hold this event each year. Littering of any kind will make the permit process more difficult than it already is. In addition, you will be disqualified for littering on State Park property.

8. No race day signup.

9. No deferrals.

10. No Pacers and No Bandits.

11. No hiking poles.

12. No Dogs for runners. Remind your guests, dogs should remain out of aid stations.

13. No Early starters. Race starts promptly at 0900, leaving before the official start is grounds for disqualification.

14. No Headphones.

HAT Run Policy on Event Cancellation. Forces beyond our control can lead to the cancellation of the event. If the HAT Run is cancelled, it is possible that you will receive no refund of your entry fee. We will, however, endeavor to issue refunds or make other compensation to the extent funds are available to do so. The occurrences that can cause a race cancellation are not predictable. Cancellations will occur when there is a serious threat to the safety of runners and volunteers such as forest fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes, or in the event of a national emergency. These generally occur with little advance notice.As run organizers, we are at the mercy of these events. The HAT Run is a volunteer supported, non-profit event. The HAT Run is expensive because we provide quality support, apparel, and awards. The costs for this is supported by entry fees – not sponsorship. We cannot absorb all of these costs and take the risk of cancellation by ourselves. Consequently, the effect of our policy is that the entrants to the HAT Run must share in the risk that it will be cancelled. Please understand this when you enter.

Here is the policy we expect to follow when the run is subject to cancellation. Each situation is different so these are only guidelines.

Keeping You Informed: We will try to keep entrants informed when there is a potential for cancellation. We will use the Web site primarily and use HAT Run Facebook page and Twitter to supplement.

Reimbursement: In the event that a race is cancelled, we cannot promise any refund. We will first pay all outstanding bills associated with the event that we cannot cancel or legally avoid. If there is money left over after paying the expenses we have incurred, we will try to make a reimbursement to runners from the remaining entry fees available to us. The closer the cancellation is to the race date, the less likely there will be any reimbursement and if a race is stopped while in progress, there will be no reimbursement. If the amount of the refund is small, we may not bother with it, or we may only give credit toward future entry fees.

Rescheduling: Rescheduling the event is unlikely given the complexity of coordinating with the various County, State Park Service, the Steppingstone Museum and the State of Maryland.

Steppingstone Farm Museum

Race Day Schedule

07:15 Steppingstone Gates open for parking

7:15-8:45 Race registration and packet pickup

08:50 Move to starting line

09:00 Start of HAT Run, 1.4 mile run around the Steppingstone fields following lead bike. Begin and complete 3.6 mile “Small Loop” back to the start at Steppingstone

09:30-09:45 From Steppingstone, begin 1st 13.7 mile trail loop

10:00 First runners arrive at Aid Station # 1 (picnic area 7.9 miles)

10:45 First runners arrive at Aid Station # 2 (picnic area 12 miles )

11:10 First runners arrive at unmanned aid station (15.5 miles)

11:15-11:30 First runners finish 1st loop at Steppingstone. First cut-off time is 1:15pm (4h 15m) for those completing the first loop. (17.3 miles)

12:00 First runners arrive Aid station # 3 (picnic area 21.6 miles)

12:45 First runners arrive at Aid Station # 4 (picnic area 25.7 miles)

1:15 First runners arrive at unmanned aid station. 29 miles

1:30 PM First finishers complete race. 31 miles

2:30 PM Awards ceremony

2:35 PM Aid station # 3 closes (5 hrs 35 mins for 21.6 miles) Any runner arriving after 2:35 will be asked to skip the next section and return to the finish by car or via trail and will be a DNF.

3:50 PM. Aid station # 4 closes (6 hrs 50 mins for 25.7 miles)a runner arriving after 4:00 will be asked to skip the next 5 mile section and return to the finish by car and will be a DNF.

5:30 PM. Run Closes

6:00 PM. Park closes

Photos by Jeff Hinte on March 15th 2016. Additional photos by Shawn Bowman

Photo Journal by Shawn Bowman

Past Years Results 1989-2016

Additional updates can be found on our Facebook

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