Nightlock By: Sarah Borland

An ecological and technological utopia in the northern region of Germany. It is a pretty big. Little less than Austin but more than San Antonio.

The city

Divided in levels

The Suburbs

The Outside

The Energy level

500 people

We are here to preserve our planet; our home. We are here to unite people that are different from one another, yet celebrate them for their differences. We progress with the help of technology. Curing devastating diseases and defects. We cannot allow stealing, killing, hurting others, or any harmful product in this community. If any of these rules are broken, you are punished with labor. You will construct buildings, monitor the energy levels, or help the community members in anyway needed. Of course under close observation. If necessary we will either kick you out or the death sentence will be the punishment. You can leave when ever you wish. We welcome everyone! Just the only thing you need to do to get a heath screening. Every house is required to have indoor garden. To grow your food for yourself and family. You may pursue any career you wish, but must go through schooling. Basic schooling goes from kindergarten to eighth grade (6-14). After that you spend four more years training for your future career. By the time you're eighteen you will have a job. Our government has eight representatives. Two live in the 'City' the center, two more live in the 'Suburbs' outside of the city, and four live in the 'Outside' the second to last level. The four that live in the 'Outside' two of them travel to the ' Energy level ' the last level where all of our energy comes from. We have hydroelectric, thermal, solar, and wind power. We get our water from near by streams and rivers, as well from the rain. We are traders, we trade objects to one another or give gifts for repayment. If there's ever any problem, the people first go to one of the board members and if needed the entire board will met up to fix this problem. The board members meet to discuss what's happening in the levels and fix any problems. Once a month, in the ' Suburbs ' To pass a law 6 of the 8 board members have to agree, but the people have a say in the laws if it's going to effect them greatly. The people can also change the laws if needed. How new board members are elected each member of the board picks two people from their level who they think are going to be great leaders and then the people election out of those people. But only for there level. This is the community ' Nightlock ' I hope to see you around.

Green for the forest, silver for the moon, and purple for the night. Raven for clarity and creativity.
Economic: trading
Indoor gardens are required.
We are medically advanced society
We are a community that works together
8 representatives
I hope to see you around.


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