Native American Project by: Destynie M.

Demanding Solutions

I am a native American who's concerned about our treatment and how it is affecting not only myself, but those in my tribe as well. I feel as if the government needs to help us like they have promised and go about things in a way to benefit us as well, not just themselves. I demand a solution to each and every problem they have created. My tribe and I have come up with ways we feel are helpful to us and are hoping it is what we receive.

Stating their ground

We have a lot of issues with how things are currently happening, but some issues that we really want resolved are: not receiving what was promised to us by the government, the fear of the members in my tribe not trusting the non-natives, and vise versa, and the fact that there isn't an agreement and/or boundries on land ownership.

Dawes Act

When the Dawes act was created and taken into action, it was thought that they were helping us by giving us land to farm which yes we are grateful for land, but it's not well enough land to farm with it was just near-deserted. Our land, better land, was sold to settlers and we got stuck with what we couldn't do much with. It clearly didn't work, there was no assuming that the land was good because they knew what good land looked like, clearly if they sold ours for money. We didn't even have the animals, seeds, or anything to even attempt to farm successfully because they weren't provided and we couldn't afford to buy them. This goes to show that you don't get what you're promised by the government. Different perspectives about who should own what land ties along with this as well. No matter how they felt, it as not their land to just take. The Dawes Act didn't apply to the "Five civilized Tribes" because they adopted white culture and they were promised that their tribal lands would remain free of white settlers. Our tribes weren't willing to accept individual land and be separated, so they created the Curtis Act and our tribal courts and governments were destroyed, and our tribal lands were then sold off to white settlers. This clearly didn't work and it lead to mixed emotions towards each other whether it was fear or anger. There was never an attempt to fix this issue, rather things were just being done to make this an even bigger issue and/or doing other things to us because of the fear and anger.


We've thought it through and we feel with all these problems, there could be fixed with just simple solutions. With all that we have gone through, we are willing to find a median with all these uses such as when it comes to the fear with both us natives and non-natives, we are willing to learn and be a part of your culture as long as the same is done in return. Getting to get to know each other we feel will help us better understand one another so no fear is there. For the issue of broken promises, well that is where the government needs to step up more than us but by us showing that we are willing to be apart of your culture, we hope you take that into consideration into us showing that we are willing to give in so you can keep your promises. On the topic about different opinions of land ownership, there should be a 50/50 compromise about it. All of our land shouldn't just be taken because it is our but I'm sure we are willing to give some up because having some rather than none is better so we can farm the way we would like to and such.

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