For Small Businesses


HomeSirens is an Internet Security technology which uses A.I. Managed Security applications to analyze internet traffic to block viruses, hackers, or other type of attacks. If you have a single WiFi router then this solution is for you!

  • HomeSirens Computer Device (Required)
  • HomeSirens Subscription Service (Required)

When activated with a valid subscription license; HomeSirens auto-configures itself and then watches the internet and blocks any hackers, viruses or attacks.

How Easy Is It To Install?

  1. Unplug the internet cable from your home router.
  2. Plug cable into HomeSirens port called "World".
  3. Plug additional cable into port called "Home".
  4. Plug other end of cable into your router "internet".
  5. Plug in the HomeSirens power adapter.
  6. Press Power.
  7. Done.
  8. Seriously... your done.

HomeSirens uses A.I. Auto-Config feature to setup the internet connection between the ISP and your home router. Setup takes 3 to 5 minutes before internet services are available, at which time they are fully protected.