Martin Luther King Jr. By Liam Swank

He received threatening phone calls, got arrested, bombed, personally abused, and even assassinated. He wanted Civil Rights through peace and love. But he got killed in the process. Some of you might be think i'm talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and if you are, you are absolutely right. Dr. King was probably one of the more famous Civil Rights leaders because of his I Have A Dream speech which got heard by over 250,000 people at the speech or at home watching it on their TV. This paper will discuss how Dr. King changed society today.

What King Wanted And Why.

Dr. King wanted nothing more than equal rights as he says in his I have a dream speech,”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” He also believed that peace and love could get rid of social injustices like discrimination and segregation. He organized The March On Washington in 1963 because he wanted equal jobs for everyone. Dr. King wanted peace because he thought it could get rid of injustice of black people. He was inspired by peace and love because of the thing he wanted most.

How He Got What He Wanted

Dr. King got Peace by organizing big protests against discrimination, war, and poverty. He organized The March On Washington in 1963 with multiple Civil Rights and Religious groups because he was religious and was a Civil Rights leader. They did this march so they could get equal jobs for black and whites.

Negative Consequences

Some things that people did to Dr. King were really bad because at first he was just receiving threatening calls about getting his home blown to splinters, but then it did, luckily no one got hurt. But he also got arrested, he got beat up, and hurt really badly. Dr. King got assassinated right before he was going to give a speech, because the person wanted blacks to still be below whites.

Positive Consequences

Some things that were really good that happened to Dr. King was that he got the government to fight along with him to get civil rights. He was considered a champion of nonviolent resistance, and he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr. King Receiving Nobel Peace Prize

Success or Not

I think he was a success because he got the government to support him and because he got heard by the whole country. We even have a day we celebrate him! I think he was a success because today we now have equal rights in 2019, and everybody is allowed to go to the same school as one another. Do you think he was a success?

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."








Created By: Liam Swank

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