Child labor What kind of jobs do kids do and how are they treated at their job? By Jesus Guzman

440 million children are forced to work in India. Children are forced to work at a young age. Many of the 440 million children don't live normal lives. Kids do many different jobs and they are treated unfairly.

First of all, kids worked hard an dangerous jobs. Many of the kids workede in the mines. Some kids had to place explosives inside a mine which is very dangerous. In an article it states, "Nine-year-olds work underground setting explosives and carrying loads" (Herring 1). This part of the article shows that the mines were a dangerous place for the kids. Kids also work in several jobs like carpets, footwear, glass, bricks, and fireworks in India.

Secondly, children are treated unfairly. When kids are working and they get hurt the people don't treat the kids. Some children like domestic service workers can't rest and if they try to rest the people punish them. Some children are hit sometimes if they mess up on their jobs. In the BBC article it states, "'I was not allowed to rest,' she says. 'If I did something wrong or it was not what they wanted, they hit me. 'If I wanted to sit down for a bit because I was so tired, they would scream at me'" (Kannan 1). This shows that children get mistreated in all jobs.

Lastly, the president of India placed laws that children can't work if under 14. The president will also extend the ban on child labor even farther than before. Children can work for their family's. Working for families can prevent children from going to more dangerous jobs. But the new laws the president put still failed and child labor continues.

More Information

  • Children were taken from families because of child labor
  • The children were lured away with clothes and sweets
  • Most of the taken children have poor families
  • Many of the taken kids aren't found
  • Some children die from working at their jobs

In conclusion, children do hard and dangerous jobs and the people who the children work for are mean to the children. Without child labor kids can have a normal life.

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