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My name is Camryn Weaver and I like to draw, I love to play basketball, I like sports, and I like to be outdoors. This was my first year of Highscool Art, but I have taken art since preschool. When I grow up I want to be a basketball player or sometype of artist. I loved being in this class, it's my favorite class of the day except lunch. I learned about different ways to draw and different stuff to draw. I also learned how to draw faces and real world stuff.

Elements of Art

I only used colored pencils twice this year.

Negative/Positive Drawing

The shape and form of the rim was the hardest of the picture. The positive space in the negative was the 2nd hardest. That's where the rim is white so it's positive and the background was black and that's negative.

Before Hand Drawing
After Hand Drawing

This was my favorite drawing of the year

Still Life Drawing

The blending was hard in this picture because everything had a different value. I used the white pencil for the spots where there was light shining on it.

Scratch Art (that's my dog Tanner)

The texture of this felt really cool because we were scratching the picture out instead of drawing it.

2-Point Perspective Drawing

You can't see the horizon line in this picture because I used two points on each side of the picture. The lines that I used to draw the cubes I erased.

Before Self Portrait
After Self Portrait

Blending was really hard because the picture was huge, but it turned out good.

Oil Pastel Portrait

If you apply to much pressure with oil pastel the color would be really dark and the pastel would get smushed. If it's to light then it looks like a crayon Drawing, that's why you would layer your Drawing.

The most challenging one I thought was the oil pastel because the colors would merge and the oil pastels weren't like pencils so you couldn't get into tight spots. The one I enjoyed the most was stippling because if you put the dots closer together it would get darker and if they were spread apart it would be lighter.
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