My flmnh experience By: Brooke Saban

Nature on display

This exhibit demonstrated how humans and animals used to live symbiotically

I found this exhibit particularly appealing because instead of just showing the extinct animals, they showed how humans and those animals existed together. Throughout the whole exhibit, they proved information about the animal and how humans coexisted with them. The way the exhibit was set up is that it introduced you to what the world use to look like, the physical environment. Then, it leads you into the hut of the Native Americans, so you feel like you are actually in that environment. The photograph above is the entrance of the exhibit, and that is what captured my attention because instead of just showing the animals, it shows the human and the animal coexisting. Basically, I learned about the history of Native Americans before the Europeans came. I learned what life was like before the Europeans colonized America, and I feel like actually seeing it and feeling like I was there was more effective in teaching me what life was like back then instead of another medium like reading it from a book. I found the museum enjoyable because it made learning fun and actually taught me history.

nature and ethics

My expression when a butterfly landed on my leg in the Butterfly Exhibit

The museum did provide me a way to experience Leopold recommended and that was through the interactive butterfly exhibit. I felt connected with my environment because I could actually see the butterflies flying around me and I could hold them. I sensed a sort of unity between me and the nature, a unity I have not felt before with nature. Going through the museum, I thought about how long humans and nature have been coexisting. However, I then thought about how humans are killing nature for their own selfish agenda, and it saddened me to think that I was connecting so much with the nature and I felt one with it, but it is slowly disappearing. Other people reacted similarly. They were amazed at the beauty of the butterflies and they wanted to hold the butterflies to better connect with the nature. The museum allowed guests to connect with the nature by putting them directly into it like the butterfly exhibit. Instead of just looking at examples, the museum actually allows you to experience it. As I thought about how rapidly nature is disappearing on this Earth, I did feel a sort of ethical responsibility to help save it. Watching how easily I connected with the nature in the butterfly room instilled this responsibility in me to preserve it.

nature And the human spirit

Me with the ancient fossils
Me in front of an ancient sharks jaw

The museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by fully engaging us with nature. Most people do not think about nature in their everyday lives, but in this museum, it forces you to notice how big of a part nature has in our lives now and people's live in the past. It helps us better understand who we are because it helps us better understand where we came from. I believe that you do not know where you are going until you know where you came from. This museums shows us what life was like a long time ago, and how people and animals have evolved over time to what we are and see today. It helps us better appreciate the majesty and mystery of the world because it shows us what animals are extinct and what are not, and how everything has evolved. It is amazing to see how some of these bizarre extinct used to walk on the same place I do now. It emphasizes just how long this Earth has been around and how everything we see today came to be.

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