MLK letter By: selena lopez

1.) MLK was hoping the white moderators would understand that the obnoxious hateful negative peace in the south was causing tension which needed to be changed for all people for the worth of dignity and human personality.

2.) According to MLK African Americans joined the Muslim Movement because they had lost faith in the US and concluded the white man is "the devil".

3.) The injustice of discrimination over color and or religion should be exposed to heal this problem.

4.) The middle class began to become complacent with segregation because in some ways they profited and have become insensitive to the discrimination.

5.) The white church men viewed MLK as a dangerous person because he used direct confrontation tactics to get their word across to people and they thought he was moving to quickly.

6.) The first force in the African American community is years of suppression, they are so used to segregation they just go with it. The second force in the African American community is the bitterness and hatred that came so close to advocating violence.

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