Renaissance and Reformation By Celeste Lee-Wo

da Vinci

I can hear the bustle of apprentices and students in my workshop in Milan.

I can see the anatomical studies of the human body in my notebooks (codices), published in the 1500s.

I can smell the paint used to create the "Mona Lisa".

I can taste the bottle of wine, pound of veal, and basket of eggs that I noted in my journals cost one soldo each.

I can feel the paintbrushes used to create "The Last Supper" when I was in Milan.


I can hear recitations of the plays I wrote (more than thirty), though only 18 were published while I was alive.

I can see my family's coat of arms, which I revived the application of in 1596.

I can smell the ink used to write my 154 sonnets.

I can taste the hot chocolate, tea, and coffee that were brought to Britain in my time, though they were expensive.

I can feel the paper on which I wrote the plays that I wrote that were published by 1597.


I can hear the lessons given to me by Bertoldo di Giovanni when I was staying in the Medici home.

I can see my design for the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, though its construction wasn't completed until after I died.

I can smell the paint used to depict the seven prophets and five sibyls on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

I can taste the cheese from my cheese cellar, where I kept several types of sheep's milk cheeses, including marzolino.

I can feel the carved marble that makes up my 69-inch tall statue, the Pietà.

Martin Luther

I can hear the storm in 1505 to which I vowed to become a better monk if I survived it.

I can see the 95 theses that I wrote, questioning the church's acts.

I can smell the materials used in the school of my childhood, run by the Brethren of the Common Life in Magdeburg.

I can taste the vegetables, dark breads, and porridge that were typical of a meal in the monastery.

I can feel the books from which I used to study arithmetic, astronomy, geometry and philosophy, wanting to become a lawyer.

John Calvin

I can hear the French spoken in the Swiss city of Geneva when I moved there in 1536.

I can see the first edition of “Institutes of the Christian Religion”, published in 1536, in Basle.

I can smell the smoke from the 24 heretics that were burnt at the stake in Paris after I fled.

I can taste the bread and wine in which Christ is spiritually present.

I can feel the paper that my commentaries on the 23 of the books in the Old Testament and the entire New Testament, save for 2-3 John and Revelation.

Henry VIII

I can hear the songs that I wrote for my wives.

I can see the face of Mary I, the only surviving child of six from my marriage with Catherine of Aragon.

I can smell the gas from my corpse that caused my lead coffin to open before I was buried.

I can taste the ale served to me often, free of hops because I forbade the use of them in my ale, thinking them to be as bad as sulfur.

I can feel pain from a jousting injury on my leg.


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