Celebrating Canada


Christmas is a well known holiday that is celebrated once a year on December 25th. This celebration is drawn from French, British, and american traditions. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it had become the biggest annual celebration and was essentially a religious festival in the early days of New France. By the 1870's, Christmas has lost much of its religious character, more specifically in English Canada and among the upper middle class in French Canada, and Christmas had become what it is known as today. By the end of the 19th century, most of the familiar attributes of modern Christmas, such as Santa Claus, mistletoe, carol singing, and Christmas trees had become popular with more and more people celebrating it as a day to exchange gifts under a Christmas tree and making gingerbread houses. ( Marsh, James)

Why is Christmas important?

Christmas is important to me because it's the one time of the year where everyone in my family gets together and celebrates something that brings us all close together. It's a really good way to laugh and have fun together and to be able to do something together as a family like exchanging gifts, making gingerbread houses and just coming over and having fun. All of the different aspects of celebrating Christmas is what makes it my favorite holiday. It's not just about the presents that makes it my favorite holiday, its how we celebrate it together and how its a holiday that brings your family together, standing out from the other holidays celebrated by Canadians. Christmas should be celebrated and valued by all Canadians because unlike other holidays, Christmas brings everyone together as a family, strengthening the bond between each and every individual in a family. It not only brings people together as a family, it brings people together as a community as well. All the celebrations during Christmas such as parades, like the ones celebrated in Toronto by Canadians every year, gives an opportunity to bring a whole lot of people together as well.

WWF Canada

World wildlife fund Canada is the world's largest independent conservation organization and is active in more than 40 countries based in Gland, Switzerland. Outside of its Canadian base, Toronto and WWF Canada has offices in both Atlantic and pacific coasts and in Alberta and Ottawa. This organization works with business, government and the public to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a better future in which humans live in harmony with nature. To conserve biodiversity, they promote the sustainable use of renewable natural resources. WWF Canada also encourages the reduction of pollution/wasteful consumption. They receive contribution from more than 150 000 individual Canadians, as well as from corporations, governments and foundations. (World Wildlife Fund Canada)

Why is the WWF organization important?

WWF Canada is also very important to me. As the human population is increasing and expanding, many animals lose their habitats due to human settlement. Many animals go endangered and even extinct due to habitat destruction. Other causes of their habitats being destroyed is pollution which is also caused by us, and hunting/poaching which also causes their population to decrease at an unstable rate. This is important to me because this is an issue that many people don't realize and many don't seem to take action to help endangered species. This issue is getting worse and worse as time goes by and once a species goes extinct we may not be able to get them back. We’re slowly losing biodiversity and destroying our Earth but WWF Canada helps combat this issue. WWF Canada should be valued by all Canadians due to the fact that this has become a huge issue that needs to be resolved and needs to be solved before we start regretting not taking action earlier in the future. Human settlement is the reason as to why animals are going extinct so we all need to take responsibility for our actions since we're all held responsible. We're all held responsible even without noticing that the actions we make everyday impact the environment in some kind of way. Everyday things ranging from things like using a car to get around (air pollution) or even just using paper (cutting down trees), impacts the environment. We all need to work together to help WWF Canada to save these animals and biodiversity.


The curriculum development in Canada has gone from teaching survival skills, both practical and cultural, to emphasizing self-fulfillment and standards-based achievements. The cost of education in Canada is affordable. There are three levels of study; elementary and secondary, the college system, and universities. Elementary and secondary education follow a government curriculum, ensuring a high level of quality and a focus on individual student needs. College education works closely with business and industry and offer diverse options in the technical and professional fields. University education prepare graduates with the ability to think critically, to be adaptive to emerging technologies and to become leaders in professional fields. (Curriculum Development)

Why is education important?

Education is also very important to me. The effort and focus that you put into your marks in school basically determines what path you will take in the future. I know the importance of school since it will determine my career path and i know that if i don't put effort into my education i won't be able to succeed and achieve what i want to do and be when i'm older. If i choose to not put any effort into my tests and assignments, i know that i will eventually regret my decision in the future. I will also let my parents down, since they have a lot of hope in me of doing great in school and getting a great job in the future. Education should be valued by all Canadians because if you don't do great in school and if you don't take your education seriously, your just making it worse for yourself and your making it worse for your own life in the future. You cant always depend on other people for what you need because one day, you're going to have to earn money yourself and be able to afford things yourself and to do that you need to have a good job, which depends on how well you do in school.

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