Stanley A Streetcar named desire


Stanley is a one of the main characters that supports the new south theme because he is the one who changed Stella and tried to change Blanche to the ways of the new south.

Stanley is a very primitive man who can get violent if he gets angry in which you first see his true anger in the scene with the first poker game. He is what I would call a man who does not take no for an answer and that is a main part in the new south. He constantly feels the need to take control of any situation and have it end the way that he wants it which is why the play ended the way that it did.

Also he is in a constant fight with Blanche for the ownership of Stella which is one of the major parts in the play. This controversy lead to many of the events in the book such as Stella getting hit and Blanche getting sent to an asylum.


The illustration that I think that Stanley is going back to the cavemen age were the man was in charge of the woman and he gets anything that he wants. This picture of a caveman that is dirty and half naked shows how Stanley is quite well. In many of the scenes Stanley is dirty and naked to show the other characters how manly he truly thinks he is.

Stanley Quotations

"Well, you can bear me and I said to hush up" Since he is talking to Stella in a demanding way is supports my conclusion that he is very primitive when it comes to how a family should be set up in his eyes. *

"And you run out an' get her cokes, I suppose? And serve 'em to Her Majesty in the tub? [Stella shrugs] Set down here a minute." *

"Stell, it's gonna be all right after she goes and after you've had the baby. It's gonna be all right again between you and me the way that it was. You remember that way that it was? Them nights we had together? God, honey, it's gonna be sweet when we can make noise in the night the way that we used to and get the colored lights going with nobody's sister behind the curtains to hear us" This supports my conclusion because it is an example of how Stanley sees his relationship with Stella showing that the romantic or sexual part of has a more prominent role than just being in love with that person.

Stanley's Actions

One of his actions is when he has his first poker party he looses all of his patience and has a full rage mode. During this rage mode he proceeds to hit his pregnant wife. This shows his violence that he has the ability to have. This also plays into the fact that the main scene were you Stanley yells Steeelllaaa which shows that he is still in love even though he is naked and dirty.

The other action is when Stanley sends Blanche to the asylum which was important because that was the only way that Stanley could get back his normal life like he saw it. He thought that if he got rid of Blanche then his relationship would be the same before all that drama happened and Stella had a baby. This shows how Stanley thinks that he is in control of everything and that he is the boss of the house. No one can get in his way because he is to much of a man not even Blanche who was like the woman version of him in Stella's life.

Other Characters

"He smashed all the light bulbs with the heel of my slipper!" This is Stella telling Blanche about their wedding night and what Stanley did and this proves that he is wild and has very primitive tendencies that make him who he is.

"Yes, swine! Swine! And I'm thinking not only of you but of your friend, Mr. Mitchell He came to see me tonight. He dared to come here in his work-clothes! And to repeat slander to me, vicious stories that he had gotten from you! I gave him his walking papers" At this point Blanche is telling Stanley that she knows what he did to her and she explains how Stanley acts like he has no common sense when it comes to treating women and that he has no control when it comes to what he says. Supporting the conclusion that he is set to be in charge of everyone including people other than his wife.

Stanley is round

Stanley is a round character because we are able to see many sides of his personality such as romance and then anger. Also he is also round because he directly affects the plot line by his actions in the play such as when he tells Stella the lies Blanche had been telling that is what convinced her to let Blanche be sent to an institution. The audience is able to learn more and more about him as the play progresses and learn about his unfortunate traits.

BY: KAte Cobb

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