English Garden Tour-London May 25 2019

Our last day in London was free to enjoy however we wished, so we decided to walk the short distance to Kensington Palace and Gardens. Another sunny day greeted us and we were able to get in right away at the 10am opening. We got the “pensioner” discounted entry price for 15GBP since we are over 60... age has its benefits! Inside the Palace were both a King and Queen’s apartments as well as a Queen Victoria Exhibition which was really interesting. In the past there have been exhibitions showing past wedding gowns of all the Queens as well as one year when all of Diana’s dresses were presented (that was an excellent show!).

The ceilings were fantastic!

Another painted ceiling

Queen Victoria in her teenage years

Look at that waist size

After Albert died, Queen Victoria remained in mourning the rest of her life

After 9 children the tiny waistline no longer exists~

Kiddie royal wardrobes

Mourning attire

Queen Victoria reigned for almost 64 years

The sunken gardens outside Kensington Palace

Our English Garden Tour has come to an end ~ we have so many wonderful memories of fabulous gardens, beautiful castles, terrific hotels and meals plus London and the Chelsea Flower Show.

Created By
Julie Bartz