Children's safety online

Are you 100% sure your child is safe online? It's a lot easier than you think for a 50yr old man to make an online account to look like a 14yr old girl. This stuff happens all the time. It usually leads to rape or a kid napping.

Facts: 15% of kids ages 10-17 are sexually offended by an adult. 26% of sexual predators find out there victims exact location. One in five kids come across some sort of online predator in their lifetime.

As you can see, America has the most online predators than any other country in the world. This means that kids that live in America have the highest chance of coming across an online predator.

It's a lot easier than you think it is to keep yourself safe from online predators. You can avoid every single online predator with just one simple step. Just simply don't respond. Once you have received a message from someone you don't know, just don't respond and block the user or number.

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