American Health Care Act On Life Support By Melanie Goldman

Health care has been a controversial topic for years, battered and beaten by politicians across the country, so it’s easy to put health care on the back burner and let other political issues take the beating. With President Donald Trump’s recent withdrawal of the American Health Care Act, health care has been rushed into the emergency room.

Democrats happily took Trump's withdrawal to be a sign of the complete dissolve of the repeal bill. However, Louisiana Senator Steve Scalise says, “Their celebration is premature.” While Democrats may have been hasty, they had good reason to be.

The Affordable Care Act, affectionately called ‘Obamacare,’ easily and readily provides health services to United States citizens that don’t have health insurance. So, repealing the ACA seems a bit backwards. Even more retroactive is replacing the ACA with a bill that will leave an additional twenty-four million Americans without insurance in under ten years.

Rolling Stone

But despite all of the soon-to-be displaced Americans, Republicans say that the AHCA is still on the table. Scalise adding, “I think we’re closer today to repealing Obama Care than we’ve ever been before, surely even closer than we were Friday [when President Trump withdrew the AHCA].”

This is frightening, especially to the millions of people benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.

For now, “Obama Care is the law of the land,” according to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. However, Democrats are only feeling a sense of reprieve, as Republicans plan on repealing the bill to a much harsher extent.

In fact, this so-called hugely conservative repeal bill failed to win the support of many House conservatives. House Freedom Caucus members were unimpressed by the bill’s lack of austerity. In a far-right-winger’s idealistic world the Affordable Care Act would be certifiably brain dead, not just improved.

For this, Democrats are grateful that the repeal bill didn’t gain the support it very much needed. If backers of the bill like President Trump and Mr. Paul Ryan had sought to tend to conservative opinion, then the federal standards of health insurance coverages would be much lower.

Instead of improving the health care that many Americans need, the repeal bill would have pulled the plug on an insurance company’s ability to cover essential services such as maternity care, substance abuse treatment, prescription drugs, mental health care, and other basic provisions. This all seems to be the antithesis of health care. The virus masquerading as the powerful antidote.

If the bill had gone through as Ryan and Trump confidently promised it would, then millions of families would be suffering from a lack of benefits, struggling to get birth control and antidepressants; while tax breaks would be handed over to the wealthy. It makes you wonder, was this all just a plan to cushion the top one percent? Or more importantly, how did this bill appeal to anyone?

The Affordable Care Act’s main flaw is that it raises taxes. Big surprise, it’s expensive to provide all of America with hospital visits and prescription drugs and other important health services. But Republicans don’t like high taxes, especially when it’s because of government involvement.

Jim Morin, The Miami Herald

So now, finally with conservative dominance in the House, Republicans took their shot at repealing Obamacare. Although, they completely missed the lower-taxes-and-please-everyone target. Conservative House members are starting to realize that the American Health Care Act leaves many questions unanswered. They’re starting to realize that leaving entire economic classes in the dust is unethical, immoral.

Indeed how very un-American it is, for the middle and lower class to see the wealthy readjust to life with tax breaks; meanwhile they themselves can barely afford to put on a Band-Aid.

It’s easy and frankly, enticing to get discharged from the hospital before checking health care’s vitals. What we as a generation should realize is that politicians we didn’t vote for are deciding our future. It’s important to get involved because one day, down the line, it will be us on the gurney in an overcrowded hospital, awaiting the care that is rightfully ours.

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