Donatello's bo staff A diy project : corey renfro

I wanted to do donatello because i grew up watching the turtles so i did him.Next, I found on google books (TMNT) vol 1 that he uses a bo staff that was 16-17foot tall. I know in vol44 he dies.In addition to, his name comes from a Italian sculptor. In the (TMNT) Donatello is the second in command.He is outspoken and intelligent . In the comic Donatello is originally presented along with leonardo.

  • Day One: I cut it to the right length to be a bo staff and cut the small pieces off the side so it wouldn't be in the way. after that i for carved for about 5 mins before I had to pack up

Day Two: I had trouble carving it but I finally made some work and it is coming out good. but i didn't get a lot done today.

Day Three:i carved my stick and go a lot done but i'm still not finished. but i'm almost finished with the carving and almost ready to start the carving of the designs in the stick.

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