High rise challenge Beau williams

1/25/17 high rise challenge objectives and criteria


All robots must start with the back of the robot touching the back of the competition field . Blocks must be completely in the scoring zone to be counted . Only like colors will be scored.

Objective: too accumulate the most points in 3 attempts of the high rise challenge

Criteria#1 robots must fit into the 30cm2 dimensions box to be eligible to compete

#2 each member of the team must record at least one attempt In the challenge

Think: today i think that i am am going to begin the work on the claw bot arm while Greyson works on the drive train. We will late have to join together to make sure that our ideas will efficiently work in unison. I think that i am going to have an arm that extends as long as possible without making the bot tip over.

Do we completed the drive train and began to connect our motors

Today we are going to work on the claw for the claw bot. We also need to make sure that the claw can work with the current drive train. Hopefully we can make the whole thing at least somewhat optional. THen we can work out our plan to get as many blocks as possible stacked.

Do we almost got the mecganichs for the claw and monday we are going to finish that out and then we need to get an idea for the arm.


Think ; today we are going to try to get the claw done and make an arm that will work with the claw and also attach to the drive train without making the whole machine doesn't tip and fall over when operating in the high rise challenge.

Do we tried to figure out a way to make the claw work with our design but we figured it our so tomorrow we are going to split up the work and i am going to work on the arm and grey is going to work on the claw.


Think today greyson and are going to work separately on the claw and the arm to make them join together today or tomorrow hopefully. And if both the arm and work well together, we will be placing them on the drivetrain and main body

Do we almost got the arm done and the claw but we had quite a few struggles with alot of things like making the claw move and making the arm more stable


We are going to finish the arm and then attach the claw to the arm. Hopefully they both work together and if they don't we might need to have an extra day of modification to figure out how to fix whatever problem and then to actually get it done.

Do we finished our arm and claw and got them put together and one of our motors broke so we need to fix that tomorrow


Today we are going to finish the process of replacing out broken motor. We will then get to working on a strategy for the competition. While doing that we will work on seeing of there are any better ways to make anything work better or faster.

Do we worked alot on our strategy of how to do well and working on tire traction gear ratios and all that


Yesterday we finished and we worked on our techniques. That's is mainly what we are going to be doing today. We will also do a time test to get an idea of how we are goin to do at the tournament

Hopefully we are going To do well in The competition , and i think we have a good strategy, just going fast and getting the blocks towards the stacks.to let us get at least 50 points and that should get up on the podium.

Think okay is competition day 2 hopefully we do better than we did yesterday, scoring a lonely 2 points total it is an understatement to say that it was a rough day

Today is day 3 hopefully we do better

Competition results

Greyson and i both scored 11 when we went b ut i scored a 2 the very first round and it was very up settting but we scored a total of 24.


Things got really hard towards the middle of our build because we didn't go off the instructions we were just winging it from the bump. So that was super hard to get through. But once we got past that it got alot easier. We had Alot of gear slippage for a while and didn't know what to do about it. So we put the pulley wheels on instead of the gears and had the rubber bands slip on the wheels alot so we doubled up the rubberbands and it got a little better. Pretty soon after that we had to go because it was our turn in the competition and i had to go, but it was really hard to control because of the gear ratio.

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