Body Systems Jasmine

The Nervous System is made of brain spinal, cord, and nerves.

The brain has the power to control the body and it's actions.

When the brain and spiral cord are together they are called Syntral Nervous System.

Inside everyone there is a complex machine.

Our stomache is the size of a boxing glove, most food stays in stomach for 2 to 6 hours

Bactiria are harmless and help out with vitamins.

12 times a minute 24 hours a day oxygen from the air enters your lungs.

When we breath muscles between the ribs pull the rib cage up.

In the center of the respiratory system there are two lungs

Without bones our muscles will be mostly useless.

Muscles end in Tentesis.

Every muscle is cell is thin as a strand of hair.

Everyone is born with about 336 bones.

Bones are made of living tissue.

The back bone mostly supports the upper body.

There are 3 types of vessels in the heart system.

The circulatory system transports blood and nutrients through our body.

If the cardiovascular system fails your blood flow will stop working and your muscles won't get the blood they need.


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