Tour of the Harn *All photos taken by Lauren Butler* By Lauren Butler

My experience at the Harn was fun. I liked seeing the varying types of work and opening my eyes to an art museum as I have never been to one before.

This piece of art was the one that I had to see in person to fully understand and appreciate it. I liked this one a lot because it was three dimensional and it reminded me of a paper ball but on a larger magnitude. i thought it was really cool and I loved seeing all of the colors.
The architecture of this building is exceptional. I loved the use of natural light and the waterfall is very serene. It sets the tone of the art museum as being peaceful and enjoyable.
This art work related to my core values the most because I cherish family. For some reason, this piece made me think of family and the american dream. When I saw it I immediately thought of the white picket fence, two children, 1 dog kind of situation. So, all though my interpretation may be completely off that is why this appeased to my core values.
This is relates to the Good Life because Frida Kahlo was in one of the readings in the Embodying the Good Life Unit. I liked seeing this art work because it was cool seeing it in real person versus reading about her in the book. I got a better feel for Frida Kahlo and what it means to embody the good life.

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