Robert Frank Hamilton YAng

Robert Frank

Robert Frank is an American photographer and documentary filmmaker. born in 1924, Switzerland, now is 92 years old.

His always took photo of street, and he have been a filmmaker during 1961 to 1972

He always took Black and White photo, because he think American is a lonely and black place

He work for McCall's, Vogue, and Fortune magazine for a while, and then write his own book The American when he was travelling across the United State. Published his second book Line of my hand in 1972. He was a filmmaker between 1961 to 1972

When Frank was a young photographer, he shot mostly with a medium-format square-format Rolleiflex camera. However Alexey Brodovitch, a Russian-born photographer, designer and instructor (who Frank looked up to) suggested him to ditch the Rolleiflex for a 35mm Leica.

He always work with Black and White photo.

He decided to be a photographer because in part as a means to escape the confines of his business-oriented family and home, he trained under a few photographers and graphic designers before he created his first hand-made book of photographs. He also looked up to Alexey Brodovitch.

Alexey Brodovitch

His book: The Americans is a famous book in the photography book. I don't like his photo, because his photo is all black and white, and the people's emotion on the photo make me feel to heavy. But i think this the reason why his photos are famous. I chose him because the photo of the street could make me know more about American life.

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