Smithing Workshops Forget power tools. Learn to use metal, water, wind, and fire.

I focus on teaching simple shaping of metal using heat and hammers. Learn to use your eyes and your hands. Learn efficiency of motion, and discover your potential.

You don't learn everything the first time, but you will learn how to learn. You will leave with something you have made. You will have discovered how a garden BBQ and an airbed foot-pump can take you to the iron age.

If you like the finer things in life ...

Early medieval jewellery relies on the material for its beauty. Hammered rings, cords of drawn wire and heritage armbands all draw a persons attention to simple elegance.

Some snapshots from various workshops

Groups, off the grid ...

I can come to you, and take you back to the earliest ways of forging. Get in touch to find out more details

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Simon Lidwell